Web Attendance: Be In Control


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Web Attendance is a web-based time attendance software which puts you in the driver’s seat.  The time and attendance system keeps you informed and aware of the workforce time and attendance events so that you are on top of the situation, empowering you to be in control at all times.

At its core, Web Attendance executes the daily automation of regular hours calculations, overtime hours calculations and allowances calculations. Its online timesheet summarizes the automatic application of HR Pay Policies in one neat page.  It boasts of Attendance Workflows and Overtime Workflows which ensure proper validation and accountability of approvals.  Overtime Workflows feature workforce overtime validation through the use of overtime reasons and multi-level overtime approval.

While part of the payroll process, Web Attendance is equally involved in production.  The time attendance solution practices Frontline Management wherein production supervisors are responsible for resource scheduling as well as daily attendance management.  Supervisors keep an eye on absences through Web Attendance’s Absent Monitor as they have an impact on the production line flow and manufacturing productivity in general.

With the use of the latest biometric time clocks and the application of our clocking strategies, we ensure that employees are in the premises when they punch in and ready to work immediately after so that workforce waste is minimized and workforce predictability is improved.

Various reports on workforce lateness, workforce tardiness, workforce overtime analysis, workforce attendance monitoring, workforce attendance exceptions, workforce attendance are available to HR staff, production supervisors and management for their operational use, analysis and decision-making.

Web Attendance was developed by DSS with insights gained from decades of experience working with various multinational manufacturing companies and fused with industry best practices. 



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