Proactive Overtime Management

Let’s face it.  Overtime (OT) is expensive labor.  Companies recognize and place utmost importance in it.  In line with the special attention companies give to OT, Web Attendance puts the correct infrastructure in place to make sure that OT is approved by multiple management levels and that proper documentation is done.  What this does is put supervisors and managers in the same page when it comes to OT.  The benefits include:

     • Proper communication is achieved since multiple approvals are required to approve OT.

     • Multiple approvals ensure that validation mechanism is in place.

     • And to make approvals meaningful, OT reasons are required to be specified with each OT case.

     • OT is traceable through the various reports.  Whether it is looking at past pay periods or looking at planned OTs,
       Web Attendance provides managements reports that are relevant and provide insight.

     • OT is controlled proactively by the appropriate managers.