Guardian System

The DSS Guardian System is a visitor management solution.  The application takes care of registration, screening, contact tracing, visitor activity reporting and archiving while adhering to security policies of the company.

Key Features of the DSS Guardian System include:

  • • Reject blacklisted visitors / vehicle number
  • • Check visitor’s work permit / employment pass expiry date
  • • Declare items upon entry to prevent unauthorized equipment in/out of premises
  • • Print visit slip
  • • Print visitor badge
  • • Print On Premise Report (Used for fire evacuation or emergencies to do roll call)
  • • Other comprehensive tracking reports
  • • Pre-registration by sponsor required (coming soon)
  • • Built-in web server for sponsor self-registration (coming soon)

Benefits of the DSS Guardian System

  • • Simple and user-friendly screens
  • • Speeds up registration process
  • • Improves security
  • • Easy to keep track of on-premise visitors in case of  emergencies
  • • Easy to view visitor's history records in case of security check
  • • Easy to search through