DSS 100PT is a portable handheld reader compatible with HID, EM or Mifare proximity (RFID) cards and key tags. It comes with a numeric keypad, diretional arrows, ESC and OK buttons for ease of data entry and function selection.

The basic card reader model reads and displays the card's facility code and identification number (ID) including the bit format when a valid proximity card is presented for scanning.

The DSS 100PT has various applications beyond reading the card information: 
      • The reader can validate the ID against a list, i.e. authenticate staff badge.
      • By connecting it to an optional barcode scanner, it becomes a data collection device
        with many possible applications, such as capturing data for job costing, inventory 
        control, etc.
      • Connect the reader to a PC via the built-in USB port for uploading and downloading
         of data as well as firmware updates.
      • The reader serves as a guard tour device to document security patrol rounds.
      • The reader can act as a mobile attendance taker.



Models available:
1. DSS100PT-H - HID Handheld Reader
2. DSS100PT-E - EM Handheld Reader
3. DSS100PT-M - Mifare Handheld Reader