Active Maintenance

In the area of physical risk management , DSS adopts active maintenace which is a life cycle approach to predictable equipment breakdowns and replacements before any breakdown event ocurs. This predictable model reduces cost through its threat granular mapping where high security areas have 100% non failure and greatest  protection while less secure area have less predictable out comes of failure. The overall management is to deliver results based on protection strategies of individual premises owners.

The Active Maintenance Program is a scheduled replacement of equipment before the lapse of the expected lifespan or expected breakdown. We replace the existing security equipment which is on the verge of breaking down to ensure maximum up-time.  We will watch out for indications that the machine is about to fail, namely the age of the equipment and the service history. The equipment criticality factor – the security impact of the equipment – comes into play as well.  We would also consider the exposure to the elements and the general environment where the equipment is placed.

This also unlimited service call or remote support during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), excluding Public Holiday. Labour, transport and replacement parts are inclusive for on-site support. Loan equipment units are also available when equipment needs to be pulled out for repair.

This is highly advantageous because it guarantees a very close to a 100% up time and constant quick response time which results to a very minimal business risk and higher predictability.